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Why hello there newgrounds

2010-01-17 21:34:16 by Fraz159

Why Hello there,
You haven't seen me much?
Oh that's just because I'm new here...
So here's my first blog i guess its about me and what i would like to do here.
Fraz is the name and bull shits the game!
So anyways my name is Fraser and when it comes to flash animations...I.... hmmm whats the word im looking for... oh ya "I suck ass" at it, however i am taking a few courses that deal with it at school so who know i might get better but i do have A.D.D. so i have a very low attent- Hey! i found a nickel on the ground!
So since my flash abilities are sub par i think of myself as more of writer.
I'll probably throw up a few screen plays for people to use as long as I am mentioned.
I am more of a comedy but i can do dramas but then again most animations on this site are comedy.
if you need a co writer or something please send me an email

But this dream of mine will most likely never happen so i'll probably just blog and reveiw movies.

Till next time newgrounds.